University lectures - or is it at the end learning for life?

Since 4 years I am now lecturing Project and Change Management at the University Ludwigshafen. And as I am convinced that learning happens in the best case by doing something in reality I ask the students to conduct a „real“ project as a project team - and not creating a concept only.

In most cases the projects own a social character. Enclosed a shortlist with projects conducted:

By conducting a real project 2 things happen: people learn a lot about themselves and especially with regard to their emotions as they need to overcome some challenges they did not expect - like how to ask for sponsoring a project or dealing with people outside their age level. And by doing so growing takes place at the same time. 

I am regularly amazed by the creativity and the resourcefulness the students show when finishing their projects. Especially, the lessons learned they gathered sound so familiar to me - it is very similar to doing a project in business environment: it is about communication, transparency and handling emotions. In addition they can talk abut the real project experience as soon as they apply for a job after university - and consequently they learn for life.