Coaching with Quality Certification PCC, the Gold Standard for Coaches

Coaches are now a dime a dozen, but only a few, like me, are certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as Professional Certified Coaches (PCC). This certification is reserved for coaches who have completed extensive and specific coaching training, have more than 500 hours of coaching experience, and have passed an ethics-based knowledge test.

Why is a PCC certification so important for my clients of today and tomorrow? "Coach" is not a protected job title. This means that even unqualified or insufficiently qualified persons may use this professional title. This makes recognized independent certifications such as the PCC all the more important. They are awarded by the world's largest and only organization ICF and document the training and experience of coaches. 

In addition, Coaching is still a passion for me - this is the reason I am still mentoring and supervising coaches. 

This is an important orientation for you if you are looking for a trained coach. When do we get to know each other?