Walk the Change: Change through Organizational Development, coaching and supervision


What does it take for success? In any case, good collaboration between the individual employees and between the various departments and teams. This has always involved trust. Added to this - due to digital transformation and automation - flexible and agile structures are needed.


Are you ready for this change or are you just about to initiate it? Walk the Change supports you and your company in creating space for new ideas and in bringing employees and team leaders into a constructive dialogue and accompanying them on their way.


What I - Monika Huber - contribute as a coach is a wealth of experience, several years of working for large and medium-sized companies and a sound and versatile qualification. In addition to my know-how, my clients appreciate my enthusiasm for my profession and my motivation to gain insights that support leadership personalities and teams in developing resilience.


Would you like to have better working relationships in your company? Then we should talk.

Pioneering the change - balancing new and proven thoughts
Supporting collaboration by fostering communications
Facilitating and implementing changes
Creating trust in work environment

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Accompanying individuals, teams and organizations.

From conception through implementation to reflection.

For companies of all sizes.


Results-oriented. Individually.  Pragmatic.  Creative. Methodically sound.


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Appreciative. At eye-level. Motivating. Committed and inspiring.

Meaningful. With space for emotions. Constructive.

Promotes resilience. Focused on solutions.


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MY ProfilE in Brief

Independent consultant, organizational developer, coach, and supervisor.

MBA with a focus on International Management Consulting.

Certified with a variety of additional training and qualifications.

Author of the book "Resilience in the Team".


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