What does Walk the Change stand for?

As a coach and supervisor, it is important to me to have an attitude that is clear and structured on the one hand, and open to the unusual, creative and emotional aspects on the other. From my perspective, few guidelines, no pressure and above all a lot of space are essential for the participants to open up and develop.

My role is that of an enthusiastic and inspiring discoverer and pioneer who...

  • approaches change in a structured, analytical and at the same time flexible and pragmatic manner,
  • helps teams to organize themselves by enabling people to work on their framework,
  • gives space for emotions, positivity and creative ideas, 
  • recognizes pitfalls and builds a bridge between proven concepts and new thinking, 
  • makes as a supervisor unspoken topics visible so that people can reflect and learn, 
  • fosters an environment for stability, endurance, and acceptance to make the implementation of change processes a success.