What does Walk the Change stand for?

As a coach and supervisor, the development of one's own attitude is particularly important to me. This requires a transparent framework and a trusting, open space within our collaboration for fostering development. 

My role is that of an enthusiastic and inspiring discoverer and pioneer who...

  • approaches change in a structured, analytical and at the same time flexible and pragmatic manner,
  • supports teams in their self-organization by empowering employees to work on the system framework and try out new things,
  • gives room for emotions, and makes positive energies felt through creative ideas,
  • recognizes pitfalls ans shoals and builds a bridge between proven concepts and new thinking, 
  • makes as a supervisor unspoken topics visible so that people can reflect and learn, 
  • does not leave the question of meaning unanswered, but contributes to an individual answer,
  • fosters an environment for stability, endurance, and acceptance to make the implementation of change processes a success.