Walk the Change - enable sustainable development.


Get a better understanding of your own processes in organizations and teams with the help of consulting, coaching and supervision. Initiate a sustainable culture of change - competent and committed,  convincing and professionally sound.

Always with a clear goal: a strong and sustainable teamwork as a basis for facing up to the challenges of our time.

Change consulting

Discuss and actively design the cooperation. Making changes as chances tangible for individuals and groups. 

Make competencies and responsibilities transparent. Apply new decision-making processes. 

Develop concepts that incorporate company structures, teams and employee talents. 

Initiate organizational learning to foster shared understanding.

Build bridges between the tried and true and the new. Questioning what should stay and what should change and for what.

Strengthen self-responsibility with targeted interventions. Keeping meaningful shortcuts in mind. Achieving the goal together.

Strengthen communication and interaction when solving tasks.

Finding new, more sustainable ways to shape and advance processes. Viewing and taking useful shortcuts. Crossing the target jointly. 

All this individually, as all changes take place in different systems, settings and context. 


Evaluating and fostering the potentials of your employees and teams. Finding hidden "nuggets" and making those visible and tangible within workshops and dialogs. 

Setting people and groups in context with their strengths within change processes in a constructive mannerand make strengths and resources visible and use them in the coaching process.

Solve blockades and (inner) conflicts and develop new options for action.  

Discovering and promoting "both/and" thinking spaces.

Teaching mental techniques and shaping mindfulness. 


Open and maintain a space for continuous reflection on professional role and personal development. 

Facilitate and supervise development processes.

Make patterns and phenomena discussable. Look at and reflect on conflicts.