It is all about Clarity and Trust...

I just came back from San Francisco where I attended a Team Performance Workshop offered by the Grove Consultants. Despite the knowledge I gained (There is a really grounded model in place) and experience shared (it was wonderful to share the knowledge between all attending OD experts), I was stuck by the bottom-lining expression of one attendee as she mentions, you can nail down team performance by 2 aspects: Clarity and trust. 

With regard to clarity the Team Performance Model helps a lot as it provides a solid framework with simple questions to resolve team relevant aspects. As a facilitator  it is about asking those questions like "Why are we here?" or "Who are we?". Those questions are not new. But it gave me a good reminder on how to support the team performance as the answer of those questions support a profound understanding of the basis - and if not answered openly team members are filling the gap in their mind anyhow.

On the other side it is about facilitating a space where trust building is possible. And there it starts with me as a facilitator already: Why am I here and what is my stake? Questions I also need to clarify for myself when facilitating on a regular basis. And for sure the answers include the aspects "customer´s benefits".