Walk the Change: three words, one program. Making change and the change process tangible by using consulting, coaching, and facilitation skills. Initiating a positive change culture - that is skillful and engaged, people oriented and facts driven. Starting with the initial arrangements, followed by interviews, the conception phase, workshops and large group interventions including community building. My target: a connected team as a basis for further sustainable change with better results. 

Change consulting

Building bridges between proven old and new habits. Questioning what needs to be further incorporated and what needs to change - and why. 

Developing concepts, that involve the structures of the corporation, the input of the teams and employees' talents. Making changes as chances tangible for individuals and groups. 

Starting with Business Models and organizational structures towards processes and teams. One common understanding with the help of facilitative approaches.

Strengthening with focused interventions self-responsibility and self-impact. Releasing dynamics, that are accelerating the process. Viewing and taking useful shortcuts. Crossing the target jointly. 

All this individually, as all changes take place in different systems, settings and context. 


Evaluating and fostering the potentials of your employees and teams. Finding hidden "nuggets" and making those visible and tangible within workshops and dialogs. 

Setting people and groups in context with their strengths within change processes in a constructive manner. 

As a result: positive impulses for people fostering community building for more achievements.


Strengthening communication and interaction during the solutioning processes of tasks.

Providing new experiences: Enabling your employees to act as individual members of a common community, while feeling self-confident in the use of their talents and resources.

Making decision processes transparent and handing them over to the teams. 

Finding new and sustainable ways for creating and optimizing processes.